MindTheTap Brings Free Drinking Water to London: Rehydration at no cost, wherever you go

July 31, 2013

By Lydia Mansel

July 31, 2013

The idea that nothing is free in London is disproved withGiveMeTap’s rebooted campaign, MindTheTap. Commuters and tourists alike will be able to stay hydrated with ease this summer thanks to this drinking water campaign. With the hot weather that is currently taking over England, nothing is more crucial than the availability of clean drinking water.

MindTheTap’s main goal is to keep Londoners “hydrated and more comfortable on their daily commute.” Water stations, to refill MindTheTap water bottles, will be set up in convenient locations throughout the city. Whether you are exploring the city’s landmarks or travelling to your job via the tube, MindTheTap wants to bring you “easy access to water on the go.”

This summer, the plan is to concentrate on partnerships with shops and cafes that are close by to tube stations. The hottest and busiest stations, such as the ones on the Victoria line, will be the first targets. By increasing traffic to the shops and cafes, the stores will receive more foot traffic, therefore getting the chance to attract more customers.

The free tap water campaign is also changing the way it utilizes technology. The website and iPhone app will allow users to find nearby taps to tap up their GiveMeTap water bottles.

Consulting giant Deloitte has already pledged support to the campaign by purchasing 12,500 of the water bottles for their staff. Along with staying hydrated for free, those using reusable water bottles will leave a smaller impact on the environment

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