Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good.

April 04, 2013

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions such as to drink less soft drinks, workout or be more eco-friendly. Here, at GiveMeTapwe think you should definitely stick to them. To help, we’re launching our new motivational campaign, “Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good.”, showing you everything that GiveMeTap represents!


Did you know that two thirds of our body consists of water?  People often recommend that you drink around drink two litres a day to stay healthy, however, it’s important for you to drink the amount of water given your body weight. For example, Edwin (a.k.a The Water Guy @ GiveMeTap), drinks around 4 litres a day as he weighs 104kg and exercises most days.  but the problem we face today is that most people don’t drink enough water. A GiveMeTap bottle is an ethical and healthy tool that could help you fulfill your hydration needs!

Whether we want to build muscles, burn calories or keep a healthy brain, replenishing the water in our bodies is vital since most of the chemical reactions that happen in our cells need water in order to take place. Even if you don’t work out or practice any sports it’s just as important to drink enough water as it is for any athlete. Two litres a day is just 4 bottles of GiveMeTap bottles every day!

Remember, if our bodies run out of water we lose our ability to perform well, both physically and mentally. Let us try to keep our New Years resolutions, stay healthy, drink water and feel good together with GiveMeTap!

So, do you drink enough water?

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