GiveMeTap TapRap Competition

March 19, 2012

Hi guys! In honour of our public announcement and World Water Day, we are holding a GiveMeTap competition and are offering 10 limited edition GMT bottles with ‘I am a Water Hero’ printed on the front.

All you have to do is come up with a song/rap/poem, this can be either written, an audio recording or a fully fledged video like we made, and the 10 best entrants will be awarded with our Limited edition bottles! The trick is to however keep it under 60 seconds!!

I’m sure we can all do that right? I mean if every minute: 250 babies can be born; Oprah Winfrey can make $523’ and lightening can strike the Earth 360 times, I’m sure we all can sing a song, rap a poem in under 60 seconds! 

Once you’re material is ready, send it to along with your name, number and facebook/twitter link before 29th March and we will announce the winner on - 30th March. 

So who is in?! 

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