Going back to our roots

March 25, 2013


This year at GiveMeTap, we are going back to our roots. Remembering how and why GiveMeTap’s founder (Edwin) conceived this initiative: a love for sport and a desire to keep fit. To be specific, Edwin really wanted a 6-pack before hitting 25 - an age that he said that ‘after 25 it just gets really tough to get one’.

Doing a lot of exercise and trying to be healthier meant consuming lots more water. Finding it hard to easily access water when out for a long run or out shopping, and being conscious of plastic waste, Edwin - or as we call him The Water Guy -  sought for a way he could stay well hydrated without spending his student-sized cash and adding to landfills full of plastic waste. In his strive to access the readily available, high quality tap water in the UK,  he was drawn into thinking about our fellow citizens of the earth who were also in a similar struggle, but on a greater scale. In search of a way he could help himself stay hydrated while simultaneously helping others is how GiveMeTapwas born.

Going back to our roots, we are doing more this year to help and motivate you to achieve your health and fitness goals and conquer those marathons. To begin with we’ve launched our newly designed 600ml GiveMeTap sports water bottle, and also released our new sports cap for the 500ml bottle, which you can buy separately. Each product you purchase contributes to the development of water projects in Africa.

In addition to working hard to continue to expand our network of taps, we are working on several great routes around London, highlighting GiveMeTap Tap locations where you can be sure of a warm welcome and a top up or your GiveMeTap reusable water bottle while on your run. So, no need to carry a large sack of water when you’re heading out…. Just one thing… your bottle.

The first one will be out on Wednesday, so stay tuned. 

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