MindTheTap Diaries - Meet Adnan!

August 14, 2013

Hey I’m Adnan, a summer Intern at HM Treasury. I live in London, so have been commuting to Westminster from home everyday. I found out about GiveMeTap from a friend in Manchester and as an Economics and Politics student, I loved the benefits of the scheme!


I’ve been using my bottle to save money. It’s been really hot this summer and it’s too expensive to buy bottled water everyday. I don’t need to carry anything else to work, so the carabiner is so useful as it can attach round my trouser belt loop.


I can fill up my bottle at work, as it fits under our drinking water tap and stops me having to go again and again with a flimsy plastic cup. Also, if I’m having lunch round Victoria station, I can easily fill up at Costa Coffee Boutique.



Adnan :)

You can get your bottle at a 10% discount AT OUR MINDTHETAP WEBSITE and see what taps are near you by using the FREE WATER MAP.

If you would like to share your daily grind with your fellow Tappers and Tappees, give us a shout at sanum@givemetap.co.uk and we’ll throw in a free bottle in order to take those GiveMeTap Snaps!

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