MindTheTap Diaries: Meet our GiveMeTapper, Jess!

August 07, 2013

Hi, I’m Jess and I work in Canary Wharf! I recently got my GiveMeTap water bottle as I’ve been appalled by the amount of plastic waste I’ve been seeing this Summer. All the parks and bins are over flowing and so I thought it was time to switch to tap.


This bottle is perfect to take to work. I always struggle to find things in my bag when on a packed tube, but the GiveMeTap bottle attaches to my bag and saves the hassle. It is a lifesaver as the tube is so stuffy during rush hour!


Sometimes, I end up working until quite late and have to get dinner on the way to the station. Organic Chickpea is a food stall on the way to the station and is part of GiveMeTap’s free water scheme. This means I can grab some dinner and refill my bottle for the long commute back to West London.


Cheers, GiveMeTap!

Jess xx

You can get your bottle at a 10% discount on our MINDTHETAP WEBSITE and see what taps are near you by using the FREE WATER MAP.

If you would like to share your daily grind with your fellow Tappers, give us a shout at sanum@givemetap.co.uk and we’ll throw in a free bottle in order to take those GiveMeTap Snaps!

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