TAP OF THE WEEK: FlatPlanet [near Oxford Circus]

July 23, 2013

Meet FlatPlanet - our first Tap of the Week. Situated on Great Marlborough Street, it is the perfect tap to refill when travelling to or from Oxford Circus station. We met with Karen for a little chinwag.


Sanum: Hey Karen, thanks for meeting with us today and for agreeing to let the BBC film here! FlatPlanet have been great supporters of GiveMeTap and you signed up yourself so it would be great to know how you found out about us!

 Karen: Well it all started on twitter when we started following each other. We found out about what GiveMeTap do and I guess it was because we loved what you were doing that we signed up.

 Sanum: That’s great! What was it about GMT that encouraged you to sign up?

 Karen: We do all sorts of projects that promote water and we like that the donations from your bottles go to water projects in Africa. At FlatPlanet, we believe that good businesses can do good things and so we are happy to get involved with great projects like GiveMeTap. We have so many water jugs upstairs so joining GiveMeTap doesn’t even affect our daily routine – one thing we’ll never do is let customers go without water.

Sanum: That’s very important! So how is your time on our scheme going?

Karen: Well we’re quite new to the scheme so far and we know that you guys are up and coming. When GiveMeTap get bigger in London, I’m sure we’ll start seeing the benefits. We’ve had a few people come in and post on social media so that’s a brilliant start.

Sanum: Well we just put our sticker in your door so now we’ll start seeing more footfall!

Karen: Definitely, the sticker will make a difference. The bottles are great and we are happy to stock them at FlatPlanet aswell.

Sanum: Thanks Karen! We can’t wait to touch base with you soon. In the meantime, how about a New Mushroom flatbread?!


You can purchase your stainless steal bottle at FlatPlanet, Great Marlborough St and refill there to stay hydrated! You might as well try one of their delicious flatbreads as well. And they mean it when they say they don’t let customers go without water. Our jug was filled up regularly without having to ask! Really tasty, wholesome food and wholesome people serving it!

Watch out for details on when you can see the GiveMeTap team and FlatPlanet on the BBC!

‘Til next week, Tappers…

Sanum xx

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