#ThirstyThursday - Rejection

January 19, 2012

Being courageous enough to walk into a store, not having bought anything and approaching the store manager for some tap water is quite rare. What isn’t rare is the rejection. Unless you’re a paying customer at the restaurant, it is quite unusual for your request to be fulfilled and even if it is, you might get a few questionable glances. Have you tried it? We suggest that you do! We want to hear from you guys and tell us what kind of experiences you have been through when in search for a glass of water with no change in that pocket!

This thirst is what gave birth to the idea of GiveMeTap. The concept of taking your GiveMeTap bottle into a cafe or restaurant and not worrying about being rejected for tap water is quite satisfying! I would happily do it. And very soon, I am going to test this. I will be going into local cafes/restaurants with a video camera making a request for tap water, to find out what their response will be!


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