Water Project 1 – Elephants 0

June 27, 2011

After 8 months of hard work, determination and support, something that started out as a vision became a reality. Thanks to you, our lovely GiveMeTappers, The Red Bush Tea Company and the great volunteers in the All4One group, we were able to travell to Namibia to complete the installation of our first water borehole project!!

In collaboration with All4One, the pump will bring water to a remote village called Nama-pan. But wait there’s more, with your support we also installed an Elephant Proofing System to protect the water borehole from the four thousand thirsty Elephants that run wild and often destroy water projects.

See below for photos of Edwin (The Water Guy) breaking a sweat, and some of the new local friends that will benefit from the water project. For more amazing photos click here

Thank you again for all your support. Water for You. Water for Everyone

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You can find out more over at http://www.givemetap.co.uk/projects.

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