We practice 'Lean'

August 23, 2012

Since GiveMeTap begun in 2010, everything has been done in a very lean way. We saved money where we could, prototyped a lot with different ideas and gotten feedback from loads of our GiveMeTappers.

Over the last 3 months I have been reading (and re-reading) ‘The Lean Start-Up’ by Eric Ries.

After reading it I realised that I had NOT been operating in a real 'lean’ way but had just been doing a lot of random tests without truly measuring the results. With me being a Mathematian, I was embrassed that I had not been doing this. This is one of the reasons that we went very quite on you all because I wanted to get out back-office in great shape so that when we came back above ground we could serve and inform you all better.

As we develop GiveMeTap over the next 6 months, your input will be crucial to our success and ability to change the way people consume water both here in the UK and abroad.

Thanks for sticking with us on our journey.



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