Dariwudu, Ghana

Ghana- Dariwudu

Tap Stats

Location: Dariwudu, Wa, Ghana
Completed: June 2014
Impact: 516 people now have access to water!

About the Project

If you bought your GiveMeTap Bottle between February 2014 - May 2014, you made this happen!

Dariwudu is located in Wa West District of the Upper West region. Before the GiveMeTap pump was installed, the only water source accessible was a stream which lay along the village, drunk raw without any form of treatment to the water. The leaders of the community told us about how the ground was extremely dry and therefore two previous attempts to find potable drinking water failed. With the help of ProNet, we decided to take a hydrologist to assess the land, and eventually found safe water for the village to drink. The picture above shows the water discovery! Instead of competing with wildlife for stream water, the people of Dariwudu can now enjoy clean drinking water.