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    Co-brand our bottles and help provide clean water in Africa.
    20% off minimum order 25 bottles.

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This Bottle Saves Lives

Each bottle purchased gives a person in Africa clean drinking water for 5 years.
Our bottles are great gift that your customers or employees will actually use everyday, plus you can promote your organization beyond the office and support our mission to make clean drinking water available for all.

GiveMeTap helps keep your organization healthy and hydrated, and provides clean drinking water to communities in Africa.

Plus, with a GiveMeTap bottle you can enjoy free water refills from over 800 partnering cafes. Say goodbye to plastic bottled water!

Why gift GiveMeTap bottles?

  • Boost concentration & happiness
    Watch productivity soar by having the bottle act as a reminder for people to stay hydrated.

  • Extend your brand beyond the office
    Bottles can be used every single day inside and out of the office, and are super easy to clean.

  • Do good for the planet & save lives.
    Reduce plastic waste and feel awesome knowing each bottle gives 5 years of clean water to a person in Africa.

Some recent companies we've worked with to save lives

GiveMeTap enabled us to tell a great story about bringing clean water to disadvantaged people in Africa, and provided us with a sustainable and desirable product which has really helped to engage our staff.

Nick Robinson, Environmental Operations Manager at Deloitte

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Our suggested minimum order for cobranding is 25 bottles, but we can do smaller.

Wanna see the impacts?

You've made it all the way down here! We made a video for you to see the difference a GiveMeTap bottle makes to communities in Ghana. Grab some water and enjoy.